Tenant Screening
Help your business avoid financial losses and costly property damage by checking records and verifying key information on prospective tenants. Premium Credit Bureau prescreening services provide you with the valuable information you need prior to renting or leasing property to others, insuring the best results each time.
Employment Screening
Hiring and retaining the right personnel can be a difficult and risky task. Hiring mistakes can financially and legally cost your company, in addition to disrupting your business. With Premium Credit Bureau background screening, your company can quickly reveal “red flags”, identifying a person’s true history, credentials and personal characteristics. By basing your hiring decision on the facts, you increase your chance of hiring the best candidate possible. Business Verification Services quickly delivers the background reports needed to confidently make informed decisions. These better decisions will help your company save time and money through reduced liability and loss prevention.

Background Screening Profiles avaliable


Criminal Reports

  • Statewide – A search of various numbers of criminal databases available in a particular State such as Department of Corrections. Usually instant results available.
  • Countywide – A search for criminal convictions at the county court level. Results form search should reveal all felony convictions, including felony charges reduced to misdemeanor convictions. County sources are searched in person or through court’s Web site. Usually 1–2 day turnaround.
  • Federal – A search for criminal convictions at the appropriate federal district court adjudicating U.S laws. Courts are searched directly at the source in person, through court’s Web site, or direct connection into their index. Usually 1-2 day turnaround.
  • Nationwide Database – A search of multi-geographical, aggregate criminal databases. Usually instant results available.


Public Record Searches

  • Eviction – Provides an accurate picture of applicant’s rental history and behavior. Reveals any late payments, property damage, skips, and theft or bad checks. Usually instant results available.
  • Civil Records – Search reveals items such as wrongful termination, sexual harassment or discrimination lawsuits filed by or against a particular person. Usually 1–2 day turnaround.
  • Bankruptcy – Search of national database provides a record of any bankruptcies, chapter 7, 11, and 13, tax liens or judgments filed on an individual or business. Usually 1–2 day turnaround.



  • Employment – Verifies employment dates, position(s) held, performance, and eligibility for rehire. Usually 1–2 day turnaround.
  • I-9 Employment – Verifies employees right to work status with Department of Homeland Security issued number. Confirms accurate Social Security Number and Immigration number for individual. Results usually within 24 hours.
  • Education/Personal – Verifies scholastic history by confirming attendance, dates of attendance and degree earned. Also verifies personal references. Results usually within 24 hours.
  • Trade/Bank Reference (Up to 3) – Verifies the existence, opening dates of accounts held with institution. Results usually within 24 hours.
  • Professional License – Verifies current status of license, any disciplinary action taken, renewal date, date of issue and expiration date. Results usually within 24 hours.



  • Driver License – Search of state’s Bureau of MVR for driver’s information, violations, suspensions and accidents. Usually instant results available.
  • Vehicle Identification Search – Information on a specific vehicle, including listing of make, model, and year. Name of legal owner of registered vehicle. Results usually within 24hrs.
  • Real Property Search(Nationwide) – This search lists all real property parcels owned by an individual or business, as recorded by county tax assessors. Search included owner name, parcel number, mailing address, and assessed value. Usually 1-2 day turnaround.
  • Bank Account Searches – Reveals bank name, branch address, last four digits of account number, type of account (savings, checking, etc.) Results usually within 24hrs.
  • Worker’s Compensation – Search the state’s worker’s compensation records for current and past lost time, based on injury or medical claims. Results usually within 24hrs.
  • Social Security Number Search – Authenticates individual’s SSN with name, including prior addresses and other names. Results usually within 24hrs.