What information do you need in order to verify a Credit Card Balance?

Most revolving debt (balances and payments) can be verified through automated system; however, we need for you to supply us with complete account numbers. Mastercards and Visas are 16 digits, American Express is 15 digits, and minor credit cards vary.

My client has a mortgage that is not showing up on the Credit Report. Can you add this mortgage?

Yes. In order to add a tradeline (auto loan, mortgage, etc.) that is not already on the credit report you will need to provide us with a loan number, the creditor's phone number and a borrower's authorization so we can verify the information.

What is a RMCR?

RMCR stands for Residential Mortgage Credit Report. If you request a RMCR, we verify the borrower's employment for the previous 2 years, any unsatisfied public records, and tradelines that have not been reported in the last 3 months. If there is something specific you need verified, request that along with the RMCR.

Can all tradelines be verified over the telephone?

No. Some creditors do not report to the bureaus, have automated systems or verify over the telephone. For example, Chase will only verify by mail and with a $20. fee. Other companies will not, under any circumstances, verify to a third party. Unfortunately, we have no way around these restrictions.

Can you verify public records?

Most likely yes.

Can you verify the authenticity of inquiries?

Yes. If a borrower says an inquiry is a mistake, (i.e. he/she did not authorize credit to be pulled by a certain company) they will have to dispute this directly through Equifax, Experian and Trans Union.

Will the changes you make on the credit report increase the scores?

First, we need the number of the credit report. We also need a photo id, a copy of your social security card, your phone number, email and a credit card.

Is it possible for my borrower to speak to you directly?

We are happy to speak directly with the borrower, with the permission of the mortgage company or lender.

The underwriter pulled a credit report elsewhere and different information showed up. Can you verify that?

Yes, as long as you can provide us with the credit report in question.

Can you add a Landlord Verification?

Yes. We need as much information as possible (Landlord's name, phone number, length of rental and amount). At times we will also need a borrower's authorization. Some landlords will verify only information that we already have. Any extra information you can provide will be very helpful and appreciated.